Audio books in Bulgarian
болгарский язык для начинающих

Audio books in Bulgarian

Listen to audio books in Bulgarian for free

Listen to audio books in Bulgarian for free

- Bulgarian language for beginners (Berlitz). It consists of 24 lessons.


book for the audio course        download all dialogs (audio files, mp3)


- "Bulgarian languahe in action", 25 lessons (E. Ivanova)


book to the course      download all audio files as an archive


- Colloquial Bulgarian, 9 lessons.


download all dialogs as mp3 files   here you can read the exercise book online in Google Books


- Intensive Bulgarian, 2 parts. Each part has 15 lessons.


the book, part 1   the book, part 2   download all audio lessons


- Teach yourself, 3 parts (39 lessons). Each lesson has a few units.


the book   dialogs   audio 1   audio 2